Rhythm patterns

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Rhythm Patterns

Music: Read, write, improvise and compose melodies and accompaniments.

  • 4. Use icons to represent the beat

Math: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra Standard

  • C-Create and extend patterns, and describe the rule in words.

Objective: Student will be able to create and repeat rhythm patterns using ta’s and ti-ti’s. Then students will be able to create and repeat a pattern using pattern block shapes.

1. Teacher will introduce popsicle sticks and show the equivalent beats of ta= (one quarter note) one stick and ti-ti=(two eighth notes) 3 sticks TT. Students will listen to 2 or 3 teacher created rhythms.

2. Students will create their own rhythms and clap or sing, or rhythm stick the rhythms out. Students will also read other students’ rhythms.

3. For math, students will create patterns using patterns blocks or attribute blocks on strips of paper. Students may then begin a pattern and have a classmate finish the pattern.

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