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Rolling Numbers

Grade level: 5

About the lesson


  • The learner will be able to write 4 digit numbers, 3 different ways, standard from, word form and expanded form.
Number, Number Sense and Operations Standard
  • 2. Use place value concepts to represent whole numbers and decimals using numerals, words, expanded notation and physical models.

Brief Lesson Overview

Students will each be given one 6 sided number cube. (If available you may use cubes numbered up to 9.) Students will roll the cube once. They will place that number in the first box on their paper. Repeat 3 more times, filling in all four boxes. Below the row of boxes students will write their numbers 3 different ways. After they write the number 3 different ways the student will circle whether it is an even or an odd number.

Materials Needed

1. Standard form ____________________________

2. Word form ________________________________

3. Expanded form ____________________________

4. Circle one: even or odd

Lesson plan


Students will work in their centers. They will first complete their math fact quiz for the contest. They will then prepare for the lesson. This center is a review from classroom activities.


Review with the students each meaning.

Standard Form- a way to write numbers by using digits example: 3,450

Word Form- a way to write numbers by using words example: three thousand, four hundred fifty

Expanded Form- a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit example: 3,000 + 400 + 50 + 0

Student work

Pictures to follow!!

Wrap up

Students can continue this activity in the room. They can have another classmate give them four different numbers. Write the largest number they can and then continue as they did in their center. Write each number 3 ways, standard form, expanded form and word form. Then tell their classmate if it is even or odd.

What were some problems we faced with this center?

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