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Bar Graph/ Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Grade level: 4

About the lesson


  • The learner will be able to create a bar graph using the information provided in the table
  • The learner will be able to use the graph to answer questions
  • The learner will be able to find the mean, median, mode and range from a given set of data
Standards- Data Analysis and Probability
  • 2. Represent and interpret data using table, bar graphs, line plots and line graphs.
  • 5. Propose and explain interpretations and predictions based on data displayed in table, charts and graphs.
  • 7. Identify the median of a set of data and describe what it indicates about the data.
  • 8. Use range, median, and mode to make comparisons among related sets of data.

Brief lesson overview

Students will be given information about the favorite sports of the fourth graders at Washington Elementary School. They will use this information to create a bar graph. They will make sure their graphs have title and is labeled. Once the graph is completed, they will use the information to answer questions about the graph. Students will then review the meanings for mean, median, mode and range and how to calculate each. They will be given 2 data sets and asked to determine mean, median, mode and range for each.

Materials needed

  • Paper to create bar graph
  • worksheet- Mean Median Mode and Range
  • data sheet
  • colored pencils

Lesson plan


Students will work in their centers. They will first complete their math fact quiz for the contest. They will then prepare for the lesson. This center is a follow-up to classroom activities that will enhance their knowledge on the standards.


Students must remember to label the graph. They may also review the definitions on the top of the page to complete the mean, median, mode and range worksheet.

Student work

Pictures to follow!!

Wrap up

Teachers may give students another data set or let them conduct their own survey to gather information. Students will then create another bar graph on their own.

What were some problems we faced with this center?

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